Wateree Animal Hospital is proud to offer an online pharmacy for your convenience. We ship orders right to your doorstep and offer a variety of heartworm preventives, flea & tick preventives, medications, prescription diets, and so much more!

Do you know why it’s safer to purchase your pet’s heartworm prevention directly from our online pharmacy or local hospitals? There are actually two very important reasons why.

  1. Let’s say you purchase your favorite heartworm prevention from an online pharmacy, like 1800Petmeds, and your pet’s annual heartworm test comes up positive. If your pet tests positive for heartworms, the manufacturer (Elanco, Merial, Zoetis, etc.) will not guarantee the medication or cover the cost incurred for treatment unless you purchased it directly from your veterinarian. Wateree Animal Hospital price-matches most online pet pharmacies to keep you and your pets protected.
  2. Some online pharmacies claim to offer low and appealing prices. Just remember, if it sounds too good to be true – it probably is. The FDA has issued warnings regarding counterfeit medications, including heartworm and flea/tick preventives, being trafficked and sold right here in the states. An informed consumer is an empowered consumer, so we are always here to answer any questions to have regarding your pets medications.
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