Back to School Time

Back to School Kershaw County

Summer break is over, many parents are happy and most kids are bummed out.

Between the back to school shopping and other new school year preparations many families forget about the transition the family dog goes through when the kids go back to school. Here are a few tips to help your dog transition to a quieter house during the day.
  1. Adjust Your Dog’s Daily Routine

Dogs are creatures of habit just like us. Use the last few weeks of summer to help your dog adjust, ease into a daily routine that mirrors a typical school day. Just like kids, pets have become accustomed to staying up late, vacation time, extra snuggles, and sleeping in. Set up a routine that includes specific times for feedings, walks, bathroom breaks, and play time!
  1. Slowly Ease into the Separation

What does separation anxiety look like? Destructive chewing, scratching, excessive barking, and accidents in the home. If your dog is prone to separation anxiety, ease them back into longer periods of separation before the school year. If your dog is crate trained, take an extended errand run. This will prove to your dog that you will return and get them used to longer periods of separation.
  1. Give Your Pet Some New Toys

Interactive toys like the Kong and puzzle games can be a life saver for keeping your dog’s mind occupied! These toys are fun and provide a mental workout for your pet . . . and prevents them from chewing their way through the couch or your favorite pair of shoes when they’re bored!
  1. Burn Off Some Energy!

Exercise can help reduce boredom and behavioral issues by burning off nervous energy. Make sure to schedule time to take your dog out for walks early in the morning before everyone leaves for school and work. Don’t forget those after school/work walks too!