New Year, New Resolutions

January has become the month of reinvention. It’s easy for us humans to get excited about new habits for ourselves at the start of a fresh year but what about our pets? Making resolutions with your pets in mind is a great way to hold yourself accountable especially if getting up early or exercising are at the top of your list! Our pets are walking clocks and will be there every step of the way if they figure out there’s something in it for them too.


If you want to get in a workout or brisk walk before or after work we can be fairly certain your dog will be on board! Getting your dog conditioned to a morning or evening walk/jog will help you stick to any exercise regimen. This is time your pooch will look forward to and it’s a healthy routine every dog should have!

playful cat exerciseIf you have an indoor cat, the evenings are a great time for stimulation! After a long day we all love to rest on the couch and kick our feet up, and this is a prime time to get your cat moving. Launching a cat toy for chase or fetch (yes, fetch), hide-and-seek with low fat treats, and other DIY cat toys get your feline friend some much needed exercise and engagement before bedtime.

Eat Healthy

While people commit to healthier food choices this year, lets keep our pets in mind. It’s time to break the begging cycle, it’s okay to do it the old fashioned way-cold turkey. We promise that in no time those dreamy, puppy dog eyes will get tired of begging and will eventually resort to laying in their favorite spot. Stay strong and trust us; cold turkey is the best way (and no matter what, resist eye contact)!

If you’re dealing with an overweight pet, let us help! Sometimes it’s not the dog or cat food that’s the problem, sometimes simply adding exercise, controlling food portions and cutting out treats can make ounces or pounds of difference. Bring your pet by either Wateree Animal Hospital location any time for a weigh-in. Continue a monthly weight check and if the weight loss isn’t happening, have questions or need advise, we’re always here to help! When weight doesn’t come off the old fashioned way (healthy diet and exercise) a nose to tail exam and consult with one of our Veterinarians is the best place to start!

Learn a New Trick

In addition to making healthier choices this year, a lot of people decide to learn a new craft or take up a new hobby. It feels good to learn something new and pets feel the same way! Take time to teach your pet (yes, especially cats!) a new trick or even a new basic command. You’ll be surprised to see how motivated and proud animal get when they get the hang of something new. If you need some extra help starting with the basics, visit for some support.

We hope you’re feeling motivated and encouraged to include your pets in your new year habits! Wishing you and your furry family nothing but the best for 2020!