Dental Health

Periodontal disease may not be visible to you, but can be painful for your pet. For instance, some dogs and cats will chew only on one side of their mouth because of gum or tooth discomfort. If left untreated, the disease and pain will only progress. Advanced periodontal disease has been linked to other health […]

New Year, New Resolutions

January has become the month of reinvention. It’s easy for us humans to get excited about new habits for ourselves at the start of a fresh year but what about our pets? Making resolutions with your pets in mind is a great way to hold yourself accountable especially if getting up early or exercising are […]

Happy Vet Tech Week!

Guess what? It’s National Veterinary Technician week! Our technicians are essential to the day-to-day function of WAH. Our technicians always go out of their way to give patients individualized attention and affection. For this reason alone, we are forever grateful. Because team work makes the dream work, we always celebrate each and every one of […]

4th of July Safety

Independence Day creates a “perfect storm” for missing pets. Statistics show that more dogs are lost over the 4th of July holiday than any other time of the year. Even the most laid back of dogs can be frightened by fireworks causing them to flee in fear. When pets run in fear, they can lose […]

ATTENTION: New Business Hours

CAMDEN LOCATION   ELGIN LOCATION for after-hours emergencies, please contact:

Swimming Safety

They didn’t coin the term “doggy paddle” because our canine companions stay on shore. Many dogs enjoy swimming as much as people do, and cool times in the local swimming spot are irreplaceable summer experiences. But you have to look out for your pet around water, since even the strongest, most enthusiastic swimmers can get […]

February – Dental Health Month

Did you know that approximately 80% of adult dogs and 70% of adult cats have some form of oral disease?  Dental problems are among the top three pet owner concerns in dogs and cats! Periodontal disease may not be visible, but it can be painful for your pet and will get worse without proper dental care. […]

Thanksgiving – Pet Safety

THE FOOD Thanksgiving is all about the food. But be aware, a sudden switch from dry or canned pet food to a plate full of turkey and stuffing can upset your pet’s digestive system, potentially leading to pancreatitis and gastroenteritis. More than just a tummy ache, these conditions can be very painful and even life-threatening […]

Halloween Safety

Halloween is spooky, cute, funny and furry! That's right, furry! Whether or not your pet stays home to greet trick-or-treaters or hits the street with the kids, we have some safety tips for a smooth night. Don't feed your pets Halloween candy; keep dog treats handy instead! Many candies we consume contain xylitol (a common sugar [...]

Halloween Costume Contest

  All pets, big and small, are welcome to enter!     *THE DETAILS*    1. ‘Like’ our Facebook page at facebook.com/watereeanimalhospitals   2. Email your entry to WATEREESOCIAL@GMAIL.COM before October 20th. Be sure to include your name, pet’s name, and phone number.    3. Vote! Voting will be on our FACEBOOK PAGE from October 23rd – […]

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